They love all kinds of Pawz. It is so much easier to travel knowing that my ferrets are getting good play time with loving care, and getting pictures every day! I’m so happy that that I found them.

Danshera Cords

Peace of mind and very attentive! I am extremely happy that we found MLP!

Georgene Utter

We have been using Must Love Pawz for just over a year now and have been thrilled with the service they provide. Communication is always prompt, they have great availability, and I love the online journal giving me a peek into our pets’ days while we are gone. We’ve used them for several 7+ day trips as well as shorter weekend getaways and I’ve been nothing but impressed!

Jodi Nash

Jennifer and crew went out of their way to help me take care of my dog and cat. If you are looking for someone you can trust to take care of your animals, Look no further!

Andrew Hapeman

I have used MLP for trips of 3 to 15 days for my cats and everything has always gone smoothly. When one of my kitties was finishing up the end of a course of medications, I knew she was in good hands. I love the daily reports that the team sends to keep me in touch with the kitties.

Erin Finigan

Dan took wonderful care of little precious Otis. He kept in touch with me every day which made me feel very comfortable that Otis was being well taken care of while I was away. I am very happy to have found him and will recommend Must Love Paws. Thank you Dan!

Debbie Carpenter

Jennifer is very professional and very easy to talk with, like a friend you’ve known forever. She did such a great job with my girls. We were away once overnight and again last week for 5 days. She took such great care of the girls and they are so comfortable with her. My favorite part was the updates with messages and photos. When I’m away and have no contact with my pet sitter I worry and always think the worst. This is an awesome service because this is the first time I had no worries, I knew the dogs were eating well, my older dog was getting her meds. It was great. Also before we left Jen asked about mail, paper, or garbage days which is an added bonus. We are so very happy with her services and will be definately using her again and telling friends. Thank you Jennifer for everything.

Tracey Marie

My babies love to have you come and play with them. It is a nice break for them on my busy day. Thank you so much for being a loving sitter!

Calvin Clark

I am an elegant and needy cat. I didn’t like that Mommy and Daddy went to Boston but it’s cool I had my own holiday with Ashley. She came over to play with me and serve me gourmet dishes. I took selfies with her to send to daddy to let him know i was okay. The only downside was I had to be nice to my pet sitter because she sent Daddy a daily log of my activities. Daddy says he is going away for the summer and I cant wait. My rating is 4 out of 4 paws.

Matthew Diehl

Jennifer was very professional and comforting when I called to find a pet sitter for my dog Gigi. She made me feel very comfortable leaving my dog with her over night. She understood how spoiled our pup is and took her into her home and treated her just as we would have. She sent me updates and pics of my pup. I would highly recommend her to everyone. We will be using her again in August. Thank you Jennifer and family for taking such good care of Gigi.

Sue Jojo